With the release of Bump’s debut album, Broken Fix, in October, the band offers a set of honest, relatable songs with a consistent mood throughout the lyrics, compositions and improvisations. On the album’s second track, “Wrecking Ball,” Ford sings of an inescapable downward spiral, her words languishing in a looping arrangement. The jam that follows suits the song’s title well and adheres to the grungy message of the lyrics. ”

Matt Nestor, Relix Magazine




SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK – No strangers to writing, recording and touring, Bump’s members include Todd Pasternack (Ominous Seapods, Marlow), Angela Ford (Marlow, Lo Faber Band), and Gregory Nash (Ten Year Vamp, Sirsy). With their first-year anniversary now behind them, the powerful songwriting trio brings nine original songs to the public with its debut release Broken Fix.

“We’re lovers of storytelling through music,” Pasternack says. “Whether the stories are told through our lyrics, the improvisations and interplay between the three of us, or in the way we orchestrate the parts, there’s always a focus on supporting ‘the why’ in a song. Knowing why we’re saying what we’re saying, and why we’re playing what we’re playing. I feel we accomplished that on Broken Fix.

With topics including unhealthy relationships and struggles with addiction that ultimately lead to discovery, renewal and redemption, Broken Fix takes listeners on an emotional and empathetic journey with catchy hooks, intimate lyrics and transcending improvisational jams. The stories are universal, the playing energetic and moving.

“From day one of Bump, it was amazing how easy it was for the three of us to share these musical ideas and stories with each other,” Ford reveals. “When there’s a supportive, collaborative environment for creativity and self-expression, incredible things happen.”

The self-produced and self-recorded album is a clear expression of the band’s ethos and conviction in remaining true to themselves and the music they love, doing everything on their own terms. Holed up for a week at Maple Ridge, an old barn in Cambridge, New York, the trio recorded the basic tracks together, live, including the improvisational sections of their songs.

“We felt compelled to perform and record all of the songs together,” Nash explains, “because it was critical for us to capture the songs in the same way that we wrote them: in the same room, listening to each other, and responding to each other’s ideas in real-time.”

Pasternack agrees, “We’re excited to share these songs with everyone. They’re incredibly meaningful for us as individuals and as a band. But we know the stories behind the songs are real things that can, and do, happen to everyone. And this is just the beginning of what Bump has to say.”

Bump’s Broken Fix is now available for download on the band’s website, through popular online music stores like iTunes and Amazon, and for streaming on Spotify.

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